The Baxter Inn – Out for First Dates

People in Sydney rave about The Baxter Inn. I’m just not a huge fan. At least not for a date anyway. There’s a weird obsession in Sydney about pocket bars down hidden lanes – but to me, especially in the case of The Baxter Inn, it just feels like you’re socialising in a cave. A really busy, incredibly dark cave.

For the first 15 minutes at The Baxter Inn I found I was squinting so hard trying to focus on something – anything – that reflected light, that I’m pretty sure that my face aged 10 years. Ok, so it’s not too bad if you’re there with friends or your longterm bf/gf as the huge range of whiskey makes up for the night blindness… and damn, for what they lack in light and human space they make up for with whiskey!

But first daters beware – you’ll either end up pashing the wrong person, have grand canyon style wrinkles or end up getting smashed on the best selection of whiskey you can allllmost see ;) And that’s if you and the potential ‘one’ find a table!

Price Range: $$$$$

Baxter Inn
Basement, 152-156 Clarence Street, Sydney New South Wales 2000
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