Spit to Manly walk and the Bavarian Bier Cafe

If you prefer more active day dates, then the Spit to Manly walk is perfect. However – be warned – it’s a pretty long walk and for that reason I wouldn’t recommend it to new daters. There’s a lot of time to fill on this walk and for those who don’t yet know each other that well, that’s like openly inviting awkward silences to come along too!

It’s a great weekend activity for couples though – and conversely, you’ll probably appreciate having so much free time to actually chat to each other.

Make sure you pack a small bag with some swimmers (obviously you want to be doing this walk on a sunny day!) as there’s lots of opportunities to nip off the main track and have a dip in the water. It’s great fun to splash around mid walk and definitely will add a little bit of childish spark back into things!

The end of the walk is definitely the most rewarding and as you creep towards Manly, the view is stunning. As a couple, you actually feel like you’re achieving something together – which is great because it makes stopping for a drink at the Bavarian Bier Café even more rewarding.

The Bavarian Bier Café makes a perfect end to a really fun walk. Beer in the sun, mixed with the weekend buzz around Manly Wharf is true Sydney and having a drink together will have never felt so fulfilling.

GO trekkers! Celebrate with another beer…..

Bavarian Bier Cafe


2/5 West Esplanade Manly
NSW 2095
(02) 9977 8088

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