Eat House Diner – girl dates and first dates

The first time someone described The Eat House Diner to me all they said was ‘Oh. My. God. Mac and Cheese!!’ – and this person is a staunch veggo. For about a week I thought that this incredible little restaurant had the ability to turn vegetarians into blood-thirsty meat eaters (not realising obviously that mac was ‘macaroni’ and not a burger reference… sigh).

To make myself feel better I now believe that I was still kind of half right – I soon discovered after heading here with a girlfriend that although my other friend may have been referring to a vegetarian dish, the Eat House Diner definitely has something special and could turn the inclination of almost any taste buds who ate there.

While we were on a girl date not a first date, this little restaurant near Redfern oval would be perfect for early daters. It ticks the boxes of essential first date requirements – great vibe – amazing cocktails – the friendliest staff – incredibly food – and most importantly, it’s different without trying to be different.

It’s everything a try-hard Eastern Suburbs restaurant wants to be but with no effort. But that’s Redfern for you.

Ice breakers:

There’s a giant bird on the wall. Holding a fork. Above a watermelon. If that doesn’t rouse a discussion then there’s no hope.


The chalkboard near the door has a list of ‘local’ cocktails – order your suburb and compare!


Ohhh… it’s macORINI and cheese…. here’s me thinking it was a burger!

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