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The youngest sibling in the Lil Darlin chain just hit Surry Hills. What used to be a simple patisserie on the corner of Devonshire and Elizabeth is now a laid back yet stylish cocktail and wine bar. And all those in the area are breathing a sigh of relief – finally a bar in this part of Surry Hills that locals don’t just have to settle for.

Compared to its sister venue in Darlinghurst, Little Darlin Surry Hills feels much more down to earth. One long communal table fills the center of the bar (leave that to the after workers!) and surrounding that, individual tables welcome the daters and provide a little more privacy.

Great for daters who are seeking a low-key bar with cocktails good enough to drive conversation. It’s got Darlinghurst’s style without the attitude so come here if you like things a little bit fancy but not stuck up.

Compared to other bars in the area you’ll definitely be paying the price but there’s really nowhere on this stretch quite like this – in fact, they do fairy floss martinis which normally you’d have to go and dine at Toko for (which would ultimately cost a small fortune!)

In fact, another bonus for daters is that alongside the great drinks and funky atmosphere, Lil Darlin offers really well-priced tapas-style menu. Look out for the pizza offers – they’re mini is size but huge in taste so if the date’s going well you don’t have to have that awkward ‘should we shouldn’t we move on for dinner’ conversation. It’s all in one place just in case you need it.

 DNA loves:

Garden of Eden Style decor (the below is only the beginning…)

That there’s nothing like this near by…

Fairy Floss!!!

Lil Darlin Surry Hills

420 Elizabeth Street
Surry Hills, NSW
(02) 9698 5488

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