The Deck – the perk of Luna Park

For first daters, Luna Park has many plus points. It’s fun, it’s memorable and there are plenty of opportunities to have a giggle with your date (even if it’s just pointing out the sugar-junky kids).

When it comes to talking points, it’s difficult to run out of conversation when you’re surrounded by all kinds of old-school themepark rides. And if you do, then take you can always take your date to the dodgems and get kicks by bashing them up a bit!

Aside from the rides and the talking points, Luna Park also offers several dating ‘stages’ – and by this we mean, there will be several opportunities for the date to either naturally end or keep going on to the next stage.

If things are going well then make the next stage of your date cocktails at The Deck… and then potentially the final stage will be dinner there, too!

The Deck at Luna Park has one of Sydney’s best harbour views and is completely underrated in terms of its location. Normally you’d expect to pay through the teeth to spend an evening at other harbourside restaurants, but The Deck offers everything the competition has but at a reasonable price and an arguably better view. In fact, you’re so close to Harbour Bridge, you practically feel like you’re sat underneath it.

Start a date here with cocktails at the bar – the menu is five pages long and the choice is incredible (DNA’s pick is the Apres Ski). Once you’ve competed to see who chooses the tastiest cocktail and things are going well you can choose to head into to the restaurant for dinner.

If you can snag a window seat, then you’ll be on your way to having one of the best dates you can remember. Plus by this stage, after having spent time together in the park, they’ll be loads to talk about.

The dinner menu may not be as long as the cocktail list but it’s obvious that the chefs have selected key dishes to create a menu of small leading options. Being harbourside, seafood makes appears on the specials menu and the snapper with fishcake sits at the top of the mains list. But really, the food options are not something to worry about – it’s one of those restaurants that does everything well.

Especially dates.


Dodgems – any excuse to legitimately bash a date!



Unexpectedly incredible cocktails:

The Deck

1 Olympic Drive Milsons Point
Tel: (02) 9033 7670
Fax: (02) 9033 7596

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