Hugo’s Manly – cocktails by the water

Depending on budget and how flush you’re feeling, Hugo’s Manly could actually fit into several categories. However, when it comes to dating, it’s best to go big here – very big! If you’re lucky enough to be dating on a sunny day then do everything humanly possible to secure a table by the water – it’s like being on a luxury holiday and almost guarantees any date to go smoothly.

To match that luxurious feeling and to avoid a catastrophic dating anti-climax, you have to go all out. So stop checking your banking app and get your head stuck straight into the cocktail menu. If you do manage to get waterside spot, take a few seconds to look around – you’ll notice it’s almost a crime to not try and fit as many dishes as you can fit onto the top of your table. And if you’re not drinking cocktails, you’re not doing this kind of date justice.


One of Sydney’s most impressive restaurants when it comes to waterside dining:

Some of THE best cocktails in Sydney:

Food is to die for – if the conversation is flat at least you will have incredible food to fall back on!

The service actually comes with a smile! Yes, as unbelievable as this is for a high-end Sydney restaurant – the staff actually look like they want to serve you!

Photos courtesy of Hugos Manly website.

Hugos Manly

Shop 1,Manly Wharf/East Esplanade
NSW 2095
(02)8116 8555

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